Zen Babes

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Labor Day weekend I took a trip to the sunflower field that I visited last year. It was even better this year because all the flowers were in full bloom. There also were teddy bear sunflowers, which are a brown to orange ombre that I have never even heard of. If you follow along on my Instagram you see me post often about @dozbrand and the faces behind it are my sister and her best friend, who is really like my second sister. They have an incredible jewelry brand called Dose of Zen that they are passionate about. They import their pieces from around the world including Australia, Bali, Hawaii, Turkey and I'm sure the list will expand as they continue to explore around the globe. They also customize pieces that they make by hand. I'm so excited to watch them grow and expand their brand! Be sure to check out their Instagram page because they are constantly posting their newest arrivals.

On a personal note, I have some exciting news that I would like to share. Last week I accepted a job at FACEBOOK!! I could not be more excited for this new chapter in my life. Always reach for the stars because no dream is too big. If you work hard enough it will become a reality. I hope everyone has a fabulous week! XO

Pure Bliss

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Since I was a baby my family takes a trip to Long Beach Island every summer. All year I look forward to this vacation because it really is my favorite week of the entire year. The second I get on the island I instantly feel pure bliss and relaxation. There is nothing better then ending a perfect beach day with riding my bike to the bay to watch the beautiful sunset.

This year we woke up early one morning and rented a boat to fish on the bay. The previous night we bought a big duck float that was quite the adventure to get blown up and tied to the roof of my truck. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this unfold on my Instagram story lol. We also went paddle boarding for my first time, and surprisingly I didn't fall off the board! Of course the day that we decide to go there is a strong current. As soon as I got up on my board I started going with the current and immediately got yelled out. Oops!

Now onto my outfit :) This top I got from Francesca's in the Palisades mall. You can't walk into a store this summer without seeing a rack of cold shoulder tops, but I love this particular top because of the floral embroidery and cut out detail. It's also great because I can transition it and wear it into the fall. It may sound shocking, but this is my first purchase of white jeans like ever! I have been wanting this style jean with the frayed bottom, and when I finally found them I knew it was a sign that I had to buy them!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and creating amazing memories! Thank you so much for taking the time to follow along, it means so much to me! XO

Salty Locks

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Zennor Bikini

Taking it back to Oahu today, since that's currently where I rather be. This past week in New Jersey the weather has been so strange, and the sun hasn't been coming out. I'm so envious of my best friend that actually gets to live there all year long. Most people see Hawaii as a vacation destination, but there is actually a whole population that has the privilege to call that beautiful island home!

Before I left for Hawaii I discovered the brand Zennor Bikini through Instagram, and I instantly fell in love with all the prints and styles that they offer. Their halter tops are reversible and can be tied in different ways so you never get bored! I like wearing it racer back because I find that way to be most comfortable when I'm being active on the beach. They are based in the UK so to avoid exchanges, I suggest going a size bigger then you typically buy for their bottoms because they are pretty tiny. I love every aspect of the summer and being able to live in minimal clothing is another plus for me.

I have so many pictures from Hawaii it's overwhelming trying to choose which ones to share! But I guess it's a good problem to have after a beautiful trip. You will always catch me with a camera in hand documenting as much as possible. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. My goal is to focus on living more in the moment and fully enjoying myself. For the summer it's particularly important for people that live on the East Coast to get out and enjoy it, because we only get this warm weather a few months out of the year! Thanks so much for following and have a great week!!

Jumpsuit & Studs

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I recently went to my first wedding in years! I was having a hard time deciding what I should wear because I didn’t want to buy a dress that I would only wear once. It always makes more sense to buy pieces that I will actually get use of. When I came across this cropped black jumpsuit from Madewell I knew right away that it would be perfect. Nothing is better then being comfortable when you know your going to be in your outfit all day long. It’s a classic piece to own because you can easily dress it up or down depending on the occasion. My heels are from DSW and I’m not lying when I say they are the most comfortable pair of heels that I have ever worn. They are BCBG and I have yet to find another pair of heels that I can be in all day dancing and my feet still not hurt me.

Thanks for following and I hope your having an amazing week!

Hawaii Livin

Thursday, June 29, 2017

When I saw this shirt at Forever 21 I could not resist being the typical Hawaii tourist!
Snorkeling at Sharks Cove

If you follow along on my Instagram @wildwavez you know I recently went to Hawaii. My best friend actually lives there so my sister and me had the best tour guide! She took us to all the local spots that the tourists don't normally know about. We rented a car which I highly recommend if your planning a trip to Hawaii, and every day we would drive to a different town and explore a new beach. It was the trip of a lifetime filled with incredible experiences and endless memories! Literally every single person we met told us we have to spend a day at the North Shore, so it only feels right to do my first Hawaii blog post about our time there. It’s exactly what most people envision when you think of Hawaii.

We went to Keiki Beach in the North Shore, right by Sharks Cove. The name “Sharks Cove” made me a little hesitant to go snorkel there because I’m afraid of sharks, but I mean who isn’t?! Snorkeling for me just does not come natural to say the very least. Anyone I’m with always gets a good laugh out of it, but I eventually get the hang of the whole breathing with a snorkel and enjoy seeing tropical fish and coral. For lunch we went to The Beet Box Cafe and I had the most delicious falafel burger! I truly felt like I belonged in Hawaii because the lifestyle is how I see myself ideally living one day. Since my trip I have debated if I would/could live there for a period of time in my life so stay tuned!!!

I can't believe it's already the end of June! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and has fun July 4th plans!! xo

Winter Blues Cure

Sunday, April 2, 2017

I will be living in these sandals ALL SUMMER :)

You are never too old to look for shells at the beach

Check out @dozbrand Instagram page for handmade jewelry at great prices!!

Sunshine, saltwater, and the sand between my toes is the recipe to cure my winter blues.
It’s the simple things in life that really bring me happiness, and it’s important to not overlook them. Waking up to a sunny sky and warm weather instantly lifts my mood. I ended up staying an extra day in Florida because of the huge blizzard we got in New Jersey.  In my book an extra beach day isn’t the worst place to get stuck.

I really love the look that I wore the last night to my favorite Mexican restaurant in Downtown Delray Florida. It was such a simple outfit, but I can see the denim skirt I bought from Forever 21 being a staple in my summer wardrobe. It’s so funny how denim skirts are everywhere right now, because when I was in middle school I had so many! It’s crazy to see the fashion cycle, and how almost everything repeats itself with a modernized twist. My sandals for that look………I splurged on them and bought them while I was in Florida, but it was worth it because I am obsessed! They were handmade in Columbia and are so beautiful with all the intricate design details. The tops of my feet got burnt soooo I didn’t take the best picture of them, but I will be wearing them ALL summer so stay tuned!

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my blog, it means more to me then you know! I hope you had an amazing weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather today. It’s finally starting to feel like spring! Have a fantastic week it's an opportunity for a clean slate and a fresh start! xo

24 Years of Brunching

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Three layer waffle & vanilla ice cream shake

This year for my birthday instead of going out for dinner with my family, I opted for going to brunch. If you live in the New Jersey/New York area chances are you have heard about Brownstone Pancake Factory because they are blowing up on social media. Breakfast is my favorite food, so it seemed like the perfect spot for my birthday. I ordered chocolate covered strawberry chocolate chip pancakes AKA heaven on a plate!!! It’s also BYOB so it’s a great brunch spot right outside the city.

Having a birthday in February I’m used to always having cold weather on my birthday, and bundling up to make the best of it. This year Mother Nature decided to give me a treat, and show me what a warm winter birthday is like! After brunch we stopped at the Palisades Interstate Park with an incredible view of the GW Bridge. It’s such a beautiful lookout, and I definitely want to go back in the spring. At night I went out with my girlfriends and wore this lace bodysuit that I ordered from Windsor. Recently I have really been into bodysuits because they make an outfit so easy to put together.

Twenty-four for me is going to be about better accepting where I am at in my life, and not putting too much focus and stress on the future. I’m always going to have goals, but I’m going to try to live more in the moment. Life is about the journey, not the end destination. It’s important to enjoy the little special moments along the way.

I’m currently finishing up packing for a spontaneous trip. I couldn’t be more excited to escape reality for a few days, and soak up the warm sun. Stay tuned and check out my Instagram @wildwavez for my warm weather getaway! xo

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