Capping Off My College Career

Friday, May 22, 2015

My decorated cap!

Lauren Conrad Cinderella collection dress
My extremely artistic sister that was the mastermind behind my cap decoration!
My incredible boyfriend that has always been there for me throughout my college years & he bought my favorite flower (sunflowers) for graduation :)

My whole entire world, my amazing family and the best support system I could ever ask for! (We are really into family selfies lol)

This past Monday I graduated from Montclair State University as a Fashion major and Communication Studies minor. As college comes to an end it is the start of a brand new chapter in life that is both exciting and a bit scary. Now is the time to use everything we have learned in school and apply it to the real world. I am looking forward to the future and exploring my talents in my future career. It is also a time to reflect on everything that has been accomplished over the past years, and realize that graduating from college in four years is a lot to be proud of!

One of the fun parts about preparing for graduation is decorating your cap! It is such a fun DIY project, and I loved how mine came out because I felt like it fit my personality perfectly! It is now hanging on my bedroom wall, and is a great reminder of my accomplishment that I can remind myself of everyday. Before I went to Cancun I found out that Kohl’s was carrying the Lauren Conrad Cinderella collection, and I immediately ran over because I had to own a piece from this collection. At the time I did not have an event in mind that I needed a dress for, but I still wanted to buy one. It ended up being the dress I wore to my graduation and I absolutely loved it! The floral blue print and lace panels on the side paired with the cut of the dress were the perfect combination. Plus Lauren Conrad is one of my fashion icons so it was a coincidence that I ended up wearing one of her dresses to my college graduation as a fashion major.

Now I am officially a college graduate, and it’s time to flip the page and start the next chapter of my life. That is the beautiful thing about starting a new phase in life is that there are so many blank pages to fill, and YOU get to decide how to fill them. Every end has a new beginning, and the best is yet to come!! 


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