Buela the Elephant

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Skylands Stadium is where I had this incredible experience! Buela is currently at the Meadowlands State Fair if you want to meet her!

If you follow along on my Instagram you know that last weekend I had the experience of a lifetime riding and hand feeding an elephant! Her name was Buela and she is 44 years old, and they have had her since she was a baby. Who knew they had such a sweet tooth for cotton candy?! My sister had my cotton candy in her purse, and the elephant must have smelt it and stuck her trunk right in there! It was such an incredible experience, and something I will remember for the rest of my life. It was amazing how gentle such a big animal can be. My goal is to one day go to Africa on a safari and see all the animals in their natural habitats. That would be the trip of a lifetime!

Anyways, the next day I did my first day trip of the summer to Long Branch. I heard about a new place called Playa Bowls that recently opened up in Pier Village so I had to check it out. I’m a huge fan of acai/pitaya bowls so I’m pumped that now there is a place to get them in Pier Village! It was so delicious and so filling, they don’t skimp out at all on any of the toppings! It will most definitely be my new spot for the summer whenever I am in Long Branch!

I cannot believe that next weekend is already July 4th aka my favorite holiday to dress up for :) Enjoy your week! xo

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