Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ready to explore!!

Throughout the field there are sunflowers with different faces & designs on them which was so cute!

These flowers were almost 12 feet tall!
I love this photo that I took of my friend because it really shows the perspective of these flowers.

For the past two years I have wanted to go to a sunflower field, but I couldn’t find the time to take the trip. The flowers have a short season so it’s the type of thing you have to know about in advance, and then plan a weekend. That’s why I wanted to write this post so I could share this amazing experience with all of you!

This year I was finally able to go while they were still in full bloom. Once we started exploring I was in total shock by how tall these sunflowers were, it’s like nothing I have ever experienced or seen. It was acres upon acres of fields with all different kinds of sunflowers. I was on cloud nine the entire time! This particular location that I went to is closed now, but I would recommend marking your calendar to save the date for next year! It’s called Sussex County Sunflower Maze.

Last weekend I was up in the same area, and while driving I passed a beautiful sunflower field that still had blooming flowers, so I wouldn’t get your hopes down just yet. I’m assuming it depends when they plant the seeds how long their season lasts. My advice is to call before going, and if you have to wait until next year its 100% worth it. Happy October everyone!! Comment below if you have suggestions for any fun fall activities, I love hearing about new places to visit!

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