Long Beach Island

Sunday, August 7, 2016

You really just can't beat an LBI sunset

My sister's layered jewels

Bike rides everyday on my pink beach bike :)

Just a few of the shells we found

I now work at Lokai & I loved how everyone on the trip was wearing their Lokai bracelets

My first FULL lobster experience was delish!

Our last day in LBI we stopped at this awesome shop that had this mosaic tile outside the entire store which was BEAUTIFUL        

I wanted to share some pictures from my recent trip to Long Beach Island, New Jersey. I had the most amazing time and got so lucky because the weather was just perfect! LBI is my most favorite place because it’s like nowhere else, and you instantly feel relaxed when you get on to the island. When I’m there I don’t feel like I’m in New Jersey anymore because it’s so different than anywhere else.

Every night we watched a beautiful sunset over the bay, and the last day I woke my mom and sister up to watch the sunrise on the beach with me. It was so worth waking up early! I wish I could wake up that easily everyday for work. I BET if I could watch the sunset on the beach everyday before work I would have a much easier time waking up! I’m a total beach bum so it was great to have a house on the beach and be able to ride my bike everywhere. Playing can jam, paddle board, drinking, tanning, reading, finding sand dollars, I could literally stay at the beach for the entire day and be totally content.

 I practically ate my way through LBI and had so much delicious fresh seafood. I'm currently craving the crumb cake from Bay Village and coffee from Cool Beans. Since I have been home every coffee I have I compare to Cool Beans and legit NOTHING has even come close.

Well I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!! xoxo

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