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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Close up of all the different flavor options

The other day I decided to take a drive and visit my sister at school. Warm days instantly make me want to get outside after being cooped up all winter. I can never get enough of the sun!

My sister always goes to a cool spot called Intrinsic Café. They are known for their bubble tea, and I have been wanting to try it out for a while. I was unsure what to expect, but it was delicious and did not disappoint! I got mango passionfruit, which turned out to be a great combo :) The bubbles are made of Tapioca and to me tasted like gummy bears because they are a similar chewy consistency.

Tapioca is not something that I was familiar with, but after doing some research I found out that it has great health benefits! It aids in digestion, helps enhance energy (healthier coffee replacement), helps to protect and develop bones, and useful for muscle growth and development to name a few! It’s actually a starch that is extracted from a cassava root. The dry flakes turn into clear, jellylike balls when mixed with liquids, aka the “bubbles” of Bubble Tea. I highly suggest trying Bubble Tea! Intrinsic Café is in Newark NJ, and they offer tons of yummy flavors! You can also get the bubbles in a shake consistency; my sister’s favorite is green tea.

Follow along on my Instagram @wildwavez to see more of my springtime adventures! My sister and her best friend have a food Instagram @munchymap if your looking for new trendy food places in the tri-state area! Beware of looking at their account while your hungry because you will want to go everywhere that they post about!

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